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We are a young company producing goods for the artists for only 6 years, but well-established in the Russian market. Our products have been branded "Kolibri" since 1999. Our products can be seen in the leading art galleries in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
Our success depends directly on long-term relationship with artists and the use of expertise and traditions of the Russian art school.

Our primary products are stretched or rolled grounded canvas. Natural emulsion multi-layer ground is produced according to the traditional Russian method using gelatin, natural flax varnish with fine zinc white, plasticizer and other additives. The products contain no aggressive substances.

The grounding and straining are performed manually, as we are sure that using machinery at this stage would lead to deterioration and require the use of synthetic grounds. We believe that the quality of our ground is superior to the synthetic ones, and it is most suitable for oil paintings and popular among professional artists. Artists know that changes in temperature and humidity can make the canvas change geometry, and while the natural ground is "breathing", i.e. moving with the canvas, the synthetic grounds lack this capability causing flaking, cracking and peeling off in the course of time. Any artist would like his/her paintings to be "immortal", and we work to make the artists' dream come true.

Thank you for the interest in our products. We guarantee quality and stability to our clients and partners.

Sincerely yours,
Svetlana Bazlova

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